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BEDMAX shavings are Britains largest producer of dust free shavings made specially for horses. They make the shavings from raw timber from managed and sustainable UK forest resources, the wood is sterilized at specific temperatures then screened thoroughly to eliminate dust. Finally they are pressure packed in distinctive yellow 18 kilogram bags to give you a consistent high volume of shavings.

The first thing you'll notice when you open a bag of bedmax is that the shavings are cut larger than most and they're significantly larger than by-product shavings. These horse shavings are cut larger to create a deeper and more comfortable bed. They give more support under your horses hooves and more cushioning and protection for joints. 

Bedmax equine bedding is predominantly made from pine timber as its scientifically proven to contain natural additives that kill a wide range of bacteria and fungi.

Key Features of Bedmax horse shavings:

- Larger flakes that do not not break down
- Do not compact easily
- Do not stick to coats or tack
- Easier to muck out with less wastage
- Dust free for a healthier respiratory system
- Temprature controlling

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