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LG Life-Guard 500ml

LG Life-Guard 500ml

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Life-Guard is formulated to address the daily requirements and challenges faced by hens. Ideal for healthy hens to retain a bright outlook, ex-battery hens and those that require a targeted approach to their health and lifestyle. Simply add Life-Guard into their water supply to enable them to receive the benefits daily.

Egg Production and Quality

Egg production and quality is significant as the benefits are often passed onto the end user – us. Retaining strong shell quality while supporting yolk colour, white quality and vigour is directly targeted thanks to the synergistic approach taken when feeding Life-Guard. Egg production is also a key area of importance as both external and internal sources of stress can influence production. Life-Guard understands the right ratios of supportive vitamins that help promote healthy production combined with essential herbal elements that offer a powerful natural approach.

Moulting support

When hens renew their feathers and go through the moult, which occurs annually, laying tends to cease to ensure nutrient stores are not depleted and their bodily systems remain strong. By targeting these nutrient stores and underpinning healthy bodily function, Life-Guard hens are able to optimise production and support their systems each time they moult.

Digestive Health

Systematic support is a key target; this includes digestive health. Life-Guard hens are helped to maximise the rate of absorption through the small intestine. This helps to restore and balance the diet effectively.

Respiratory Health

Respiratory health is of title importance, with the nine air sacs that support the efforts of the lungs it is a complex structure that requires the right nutrition to maintain its health, elasticity and retain clear passage. Life-Guard hens benefit from crucial skeletal support to sustain the vital organs within while providing fundamental nutrition for respiratory function.

Toxin Stress

Toxin stress is targeted through specific antioxidants; these support the individual’s own natural defences against the effects of free radicals. Harmlessly mopping up and excreting them from the system leaving the hen in optimum health.

Fertility and Reproduction

Heat stress and fat deposits are two factors leading to sub-fertility. Vital vitamins in Life-Guard are included to play an integral role in optimising fertility and reproductive health. Life-Guard hens are healthy fertile hens.

Give your hen the gift of becoming a Life-Guard hen today.

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