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Omega Hematinic Boost 1ltr

Omega Hematinic Boost 1ltr


Nutritional support for energising blood, body and recovery

 When it comes to working equines, optimum circulation and oxygenation are critical to athletic performance, helping concentration, wellbeing, and long-lasting energy. Essential to this process are red blood cells, which carry oxygen to hard-working tissues and aid swift muscle recovery. Developed specifically to facilitate healthy circulation and blood formation, this supplement can also support the impact of anaemia by ensuring beneficial minerals and vitamins are readily available.

 Hematinic Boost is packed with ingredients that aid blood health, including:

  • Iron - an essential mineral that supports haemoglobin. Balanced iron levels maintain optimum oxygenation in muscles and tissues 
  • Magnesium - a key mineral for maintaining healthy blood pressure and blood vessels. It also supports nerve and muscle function, as well as a calm mood and attitude 
  • Complex B vitamins - considered essential for overall health and wellbeing, these vitamins are a nutritional powerhouse. Vitamin B12 is necessary for red blood cell production
  • Copper and zinc - balanced correctly, these minerals support red blood cell health and haematopoiesis, the formation of blood cellular components. They are also linked with resilient immunity, and strong tendons, ligaments, hooves, and bones
  • Vitamin K - critical for healthy blood; its primary function is supporting coagulation, ensuring blood clots properly
  • Tart Cherry - loaded with essential nutrients, it contains plant compounds, antioxidants and vitamin C. Supporting a robust immune system, exercise recovery and sore muscles, it has also been linked to sustaining a healthy heart.

Developed in the UK from years of research, this complimentary supplement is perfectly balanced with blood enriching nutrition. Competition safe, it’s fine-tuned for optimum health and recovery, so our horses, professional or hobby, feel energised to perform at their best.

  • Feeding Instructions

    Shake well before use. Introduce to the diet gradually for fussy feeders.
    Add to the daily feed. Do not exceed recommended rate, Equine use only.

    Horses: Loading rate: (3-5 days) or when in hard work, 60ml per day
    Horses: Maintenance rate: 30ml per day.

    Ponies: Loading rate: (3-5 days) or when in hard work, 30ml per day
    Ponies: Maintenance rate: 15ml per day.

    1ltr will last approximately 33 days at maintenence rate for a horse.

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