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One of our main suppliers at Luff's is Brambles. Bramble Foods is a flourishing, family-run business, based in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside in Market Harborough. Many of our cakes, jams, preserves and sweet treats are hand made from Bramble foods.

Ice cream:

We get our ice cream from a local business called Meadow Cottage. 

Meadow Cottage Farmhouse Ice Cream started production in 1984 using the

double cream and whole milk from their pedigree herd of Jersey cows.

Frozen Items:

Our frozen items are supplied by FieldFare. 

With FieldFare you can ’scoop your own’ loose frozen fruit and vegetables, which provides our customers with the very best quality produce all year round and in the exact quantity they needed – simple!

FieldFare realised there was so much more delicious frozen food that would delight the customers so over the years they have expanded their range (of loose, frozen products) to include delicious pastries and desserts, frozen fish lines and individual meal makers, all carefully selected and easy to prepare straight from the freezer.

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