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Wholesome Products Straight from the Farm


We offer a wide variety of summer bedding from fuchsias, geraniums, petunias, begonias, patio plants, herbaceous border and perennial plants grown on our own nursery, offering an extensive range of summer flowering bedding boxes as well as single pots. We also do an eye catching summer hanging basket, or you can buy a basket pack to make up your own.   Do not hesitate to ask one of our team for assistance.

We have a wide range of summer colour for indoors and outdoors for your baskets to patio containers and tubs which you can in a single pot or in boxed bedding.  Come and see our wide range of summer ready filled hanging baskets, patio pots and containers for that instant colour. All grown on our own nursery, if you cannot find what you are looking for, ask one of our team who will be more than happy to help you find what you are looking for. We make up hanging baskets and tubs to order of your choice with an array of summer flowering plants.

Image by Gabriel Kidegho

We offer a wide range of bulbs ready to plant now for spring to colour and brighten any home or garden. The good old fashioned Daffodil, Tulip, Crocus, Hyacinths and more. We stock the small packs of bulbs and tubers or you can buy in bulk, come in and see our range.
We stock seeds from Thompson Morgan, Sutton and Fothergill all year round, come and see what you would like to grow or whether you want to eat what you grow from seed or to add colour to a border. Almost any vegetable you can buy the seed and grow in the garden or on the patio in a container or grow bag, even the kitchen windowsill. Just follow the instructions for best times to sow and plant out.

Growing your own Vegetables and Fruit is easy, fun and becoming more popular you can sow, watch it grow, then eat it. We offer a wide range of seeds, and stock a range of young plants in a single pot or in bedding trays all ready for you to plant into your prepared bed or container. We also have a stock of fruit trees and bushes that you can plant in the garden or in containers on your patio from apple and plum tress to raspberry and gooseberry bushes.
We can help you with all your growing essentials and tools you will need to grow your own, protection from pests and birds to even the containers and grow bags for planting. Come and visit us and see what fun you can have.

Vegetable gardening
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