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Badminton High Yield Goat Mix

Badminton High Yield Goat Mix


A highly palatable lightly molassed coarse mix, specially formulated for goats of all types and ages.

  • Its blend of rolled oats and micronised cereals provide readily digestible calories to supplement forage and promote condition and performance.
  • Vegetable oils support milk production and quality as well as improving skin and wool condition for those animals being prepared for the show ring. 
  • The light molasses coating encourages intake, whilst micronised soya provides quality protein to support development of both young kids and maturing individuals.


  • Feeding recommendation

    Feeding Recommendations 


    • Growing kids and adults may be fed around 0.5kg of High Yield Goat Mix per day, depending on requirements.
    • In-kid and lactating females may be fed 0.5 – 1kg per day.
    • High Yield Goat Mix may also be combined with home-grown cereals at a ratio of 2:1 (mix:cereal) to produce a ration with a reduced overall protein content of 14%.

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