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Dried Mealworms

Dried Mealworms

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These high protein, freeze-dried mealworms are a fantastic alternative to live mealworms - all the protein without the wriggle! Mealworms are very popular during the breeding season, but are also an excellent supplement during the moulting period.  Moulting is a drain on body reserves and during the moult, birds benefit from a diet which has a high protein content. Feathers themselves are made of a protein called beta-keratin, so it makes sense to offer birds a high protein diet at this time in their annual cycle.

Probably the most effective way to increase the protein content in their diet is to add dried mealworms to the food you are currently offering. Dried mealworms are 48 % protein and by mixing in a handful of mealworms each time you fill up your feeders, you will supplement their diet and help them regrow perfect feathers.

You can mix a handful of mealworms in with your seed mix or sunflower hearts - or you can offer them in a bespoke mealworm feeder, on top of a feeding station or on the ground for your beloved Robin - who is probably very fed up trying to jump up to the feeder!

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