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Omega Sand Xpell

Omega Sand Xpell


A clever duo of psyllium and linseed for expelling sand and debris from the digestive system

Omega Sand Xpell is made up of pure psyllium husk and linseed, a powerful duo for sustaining healthy digestion and condition. Psyllium, a plant high in dietary fibre, helps equines naturally pass uncomfortable build-ups of sand and debris from the bowels. 

Sand and debris can accumulate in the bowel when horses and ponies graze sandy fields and on very short grass. Grains of debris travel through the body and collect in the intestine. The ingestion of sand is sometimes unavoidable; therefore, psyllium is a useful feed bucket addition to ease and support the gentle movement of unwanted debris out of the body.

While psyllium is a key component of Omega Sand Xpell, this supplement also contains linseed. High in healthy fats, fatty acids and a great source of high-soluble fibre, it effectively maintains coat health and a strong topline. Complementing psyllium, it provides additional fibre and much needed conditioning support, particularly for equines who require support in maintaining healthy digestive function.

Optimum digestive health has a positive knock-on effect across the whole body. It enables effective nutrient absorption, the natural and comfortable passing of excrement, and even helps manage stress. With no added flavourings or additives, Omega Sand Xpell is a palatableand mild supplement which does exactly what it says on the tin. 


  • Feeding instructions

    Horses - 85g (5 scoops) per day

    Ponies - 51g (3 scoops) per day

    510g will last approximately 6 days for a horse fed at 85g per day.

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