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Omega Vita 'E'® 1ltr

Omega Vita 'E'® 1ltr


A natural Vitamin E supplement for ultimate muscle health 

Omega Equine’s Vita ‘E’® supplement offers a natural way for owners to boost their horses’ intake of Vitamin E, an essential nutrient and antioxidant needed for optimum muscle health. Combined with pure cold-pressed linseed oil, it is the ultimate combination for keeping muscles in top condition.

Vita ‘E’®’s incredible benefits include:

  • Vitamin E maintains cell health by counteracting free radicals. As well as this, it plays a key role in oxygen absorption and balancing muscle waste such as lactic acid
  • Vitamin E is a fat-soluble nutrient and requires a small amount of fat to be properly absorbed. In Vita ‘E’®, this comes in the form of cold-pressed linseed oil, full of antioxidants and omega fatty-acids which also maintain healthy responses to inflammation
  • Horses cannot naturally produce their own Vitamin E and require around 3,000IU per day to remain healthy. Young, growing horses, mares and competition horses may not have the necessary levels of vitamin E, as their muscles work much harder.

Whether your horse is at the top of their game or in training to be the next big thing, Vita ‘E’® will have them feeling stronger and fitter than ever, giving them an extra spring in their step when they need it most. Vita ‘E’® is a leading Vitamin E supplement and just a [few drops] per day could significantly benefit overall muscular health.

  • Feeding instructions

    Ponies in low work 5ml (500iu Vit E)
    Ponies in med to hard work 10-15ml(1000-1500iu Vit E)

    Horses in low work 10-20ml (1000-2000iu Vit E)
    Horses in med to hard work 20-30ml per day (2000-3000iu Vit E)

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